Project title

Engaging SDGs for Transformative Education and Enhanced Sustainability in Universities

Project Acronym


Project Description

SDG4U key priority is to stimulate innovative learning and teaching practices through engaging SDGs to transformative education and sustainability practices in universities. The project will support and enhance the implementation of SDGs in higher education by embedding sustainability across teaching, research, operations, and community outreach.
The project tackles the following goals:

    To cultivate a sustainable
    organizational culture based on transparency and mutual support
    To promote sustainability
    citizenship amongst faculty, student and staff population
    To help initiate Green Campus
    programs, research informed and practice focused
    To develop initiatives on SDG
    mapping and standardization of good practices
    To educate students in practical
    implementations on SDGs
    To shape modules and create
    pedagogical materials for students and SDG facilitators
    To promote initiatives for
    advancing sustainability of universities
    To raise public awareness
    To empower and implement
    transformative learning and experience

The project activities will enable access to knowledge and skills required for understanding and promoting sustainable development, through formal education, life-long learning programs and initiatives with emphasis on promoting equality, on developing a culture of peace, non-violence and fairness at all levels.

Project Partners

The project is implemented by a consortium composed by National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (coordinator), Panteion University, University College Cork – National University of Ireland , University of Murcia, The American College of Greece Research Centre, UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union.

Project Duration

The project  spans over 36 months (31/12/2022 – 30/12/2025). 

Project funding scheme

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.