Partners are developing a tool for mapping and promoting SDGs in Higher Education

The SDG4U Partners are committed to develop a a teaching and training tool for mapping and promoting SDGs in Higher Education and supporting the incorporation of SDGs into existing and new curricula.

This will cover a) SDGs in research, b) SDGs in teaching, c) university engagement with the academic community and stakeholders the broader community to promote sustainability and d) sustainability in the operation of the university.

The tool will be part of a broader benchmarking methodology that will prioritize the nature of information required, the potential comparability across institutions, the ease of use and information gathering process, the potential for useful and measurable key performance indicators, its use as an awareness enhancing and education process. The tool will also have an educational function that will incentivize professors to interrogate their material for SDGs and identify pedagogical material. As students engage with the mapping/training tool they will be able to reflect on how their courses relate to SDGs, what research focuses on SDGs and how the university is engaging and operating in accordance with sustainability principles. Student’s interaction with the tool in conjunction with activities related to the other work packages should have a positive impact on self-assessment of values and everyday habits potentially leading to a change in perceptions and mindset.

Right now, Partners are working to  develop the primary version of the Mapping Tool. Following piloting and revisions, the tool will be implemented in all participating academic institutions. The outcomes of the mapping exercise will be used in the identification of SDGs in existing courses or modules and research activities, in development of new academic content and in support of enhancing the sustainability of the university.

The tool will be adaptable so that other organizations can utilize them for their own context in the future.

Stay tuned for the next developments and if your institution is willing to try the Mapping Tool to advance in implementing sustainable practices!